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Aquarian Literature

The Following Articles express Aquarianism and seek to explain any 'beliefs' and or practices:

On Ceremony and Ritual

The Aquarian does not require any participants to perform any of these practices. These are proposed as a replacement to the idea of sacrificing animals or as a mock sacrifice or real sacrifice of a human. The Aquarian replaces the scapegoat blood atonement ritual and theology present in the modern day western religious beliefs.


The Aquarian sees that there is power in collective gathering, focused interest and energy. The Aquarian creates and practices Ritual and ceremony to best use it for a more peaceful and prosperous independent and communal experience. Ritual and Ceremony are part of our daily lifes and are part of society as a whole. The secular world has its graduation ceremonies, cutting of ribbons, independence days, birthday blowing of candles, black friday, groundhog’s day etc. The Aquarian acknowledges Ceremony and Ritual as a phenomenon that exists and will continue to exist. The Aquarian forms such Ceremonies and Rituals that seek to enliven the participant’s world view with awe, splendor, peaces, all that is good and beautiful. 


Holidays are opportunities for gathering in community, sharing and celebrating. The Aquarian lines its holidays up with the year’s main focal points according to the season and at what point of the season. This determines the nature of the holiday. All days are holy but there is a certain energy more prevalent during certain times of year mainly corresponding to the position of the Sun in relationship to the Earth. We already find this to be done in other religious traditions.



Alligning one’s self to the elements, to the seasons, to one’s self and community remembering and venerating ancestors, incorporating indegenious gods, God, Goddess, etc. are seen to be of use in cultivating a meaningful life experience for the individual and group. The Sacraments are to inspire people to strive in virtue and to live in love. They are to offer a sense of renewal, as cleansing rituals span accros many different cultures, and are seen to function as a benifice on ones life journey. 


The Aquarian speaks of things such as spirit, soul, even God or Goddess or gods. These can be interpreted in different ways. One does not have to believe in any of these things to have a critical and functional role as a participant.


Special marking points in one’s life are celebrated and a ritual often accompanies this. The most common and what The Aquarian practices (or may or may not practice) are celebrations and rituals for a child’s birth, to memorialize a death, to make visible the meaningful marriage of  individuals to eachother. One can concoct their own ritual and reasoning for why they are performing any of these ceremonies.


Sacralizing the world and enchanting it with purpose and meaning are some of the main purposes of the Sacraments. The word ‘sacrament’ here is taken from the West (mostly Chrisitianity) but the names Rite, Ritual or Ceremony, etc. can all be used and interchanged.


The Eight Holidays of The Aquarian

There are Four Cardinal points of the Year and Four Midpoints of the Year. The Cardinal Points start each Season and signal the Solstices and Equinoxes. These are the firsts days of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This marks the begining of the Four Cardinal Constellations on the Ecliptic in which the Sun travels from Aries the Lamb to Pass us over into Spring from Winter. The begininng of Cancer season which is the start of Summer. The first day of Fall and the Equinox which is the first day of Libra Season. The Winter Solstice where we find the beginning of Winter in the start of Capricorn Season is the final Cardinal sign and season of the year.


Together with the Cardinal Points of the Year we have our Middle Days. The Middle of Spring is the middle of Taurus Season, of Summer is Leo, of Fall is Scorpio and finally of Winter is Aquarius. This gives us our Eight Holy Days! 

The Sign of the Star

The Sign of the Star is made similarly to how the sign of the cross in Christianity is made. We make the sign starting from the North in the Summer Soltice marking Cancer, we come down to Capricorn we then go from Aries to Libra, left to right next we make a fixed cross over the Cardinal Cross. Starting in Taurus going to Scorpio and then from Aquarius up to Leo. This makes an 8 pointed Star or a Spoked Wheel.


Below facing out (so in reverse) is the ‘pagan’ holidays. We find that the Abrahamic traditions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam celebrate holidays on these days as well as the East.


This symbol is as ancient as we get and using it as a Star is cool. Its also simkilar to exing out the cross of Christianity whci in a sense is what we are doing. In a loving manner. 


Chaos Magick has used it, as well as Sci-Fi, Role Playing games etc. The Aquarian is taking it and using it. 



The Dharmachakra meaning generally refers to a typical Dharma Wheel with eight spokes – representing the Eightfold Path – and is the oldest, universal symbol for Buddhism

The 8 pointed Star resembles many things. The Aquarian uses it to remind us of the Pole Star, to get centered and to reach for the top and to be grounded in the earth and to be level and even minded. The 8 pointed Star invokes the Goddess. The Aquarian proudly celebrates the Feminine Side of Divintiy and Existence. The Eight pointed Star has been a symbol for Isis of Egypt, Ashtar of the Mediteranian and perhaps Venus.


The five point star does this as well…whci can be used interchangeably as well. The 5 points most commonly resemble the four elements Fire Earth Air Water and the Aether. Also the 5 visible planets. The double circle around this 5 point Star is the Moon and Sun. This would be the Pentagram, a favorite symbol amongst many of our ancestors. 

The Aquarian recognizes ‘Satanism’ uses some of the same symbolism. The Aquarian has no affiliation of Christianity or Satanism or Judaism or Islam or any other modern western religion. They are all equally being purged of literalism and being shown for what they truly mean allegorically.


The Aquarian does not like any labels, not even that of New Age. 

Words The Aquarian Stays Away From In Explaining Itself (Herself)

Here are a list of words The Aquarian steers away from…


God (As in the god of the Bible) After explaining that we don’t mean God as in God of the Bible then one can use it in a setting or if that has already been established prior.


Faith and Hope….we encourage people to have these things in themselves and others to some extent and for humanity as a whole. Our Faith and Hope in BS has hurt us through history up til today.