The Aquarian Church / Temple


The Aquarian Temple Church is here to bring Religion into the New Era. Beliefs of exclusivity and/or superiority are left behind in the Old Age. A new way of doing religion has arrived. Welcome to All Souls Aquarian Church and Temple.

-The Aquarian Church/Temple believes all faiths are equal and valid expressions of Divinity as long any forms of exclusivity or inequality are absent.

-The Aquarian Church/Temple operates under the umbrella of The Aquarian.

– The Aquarian does not take the religious narratives, nor the characters of Biblical stories to be historical nor literal.

-All of All Souls’ participants are truly priests and/or priestesses. All are invited to and encouraged to celebrate the Communion of the Aquarian. 

-The Aquarian Priest need not take any vow of celibacy or poverty the only vow is to do no harm.

-The Aquarian Priest or Priestess is encouraged to make Sacraments, rituals, ceremony, sacred spaces, etc.. 

-The Aquarian works to highlight and add to the good.

-All Souls Aquarian Church uses the Sacred Sciences such as Astrology in the formation and operations of its liturgy and liturgical year.

-All Souls Aquarian Church has taken on the mantle and/or appearance and some of the structure of the Christian Catholic Church. It is being used as a vessel. Others are encouraged to do similar with their religious traditions creating new ones!

-The Aquarian believes that animal sacrifice or human sacrifice whether actual or symbolic are not practiced. The Aquarian Church gives thanks for the sacrifices made so that we may eat and drink.

-The Aquarian introduces and performs the Aquarian Sacrament. All other Sacraments spring from this main central sacrament. (See Ceremony link for more details on The Aquarian Sacrament)

-The Aquarian Church does not have any “End Times” prophesies. The Church has no savior or Messiah besides us. We are not waiting on a second coming. We do not believe any :Messiah” literally came a first time. We believe in the metaphysical meanings of stories such as these.

-We do not look forward to some otherworldly time to come, we focus on the here and now.

-.The Aquarian  is concerned about the human condition and that of earth.

-One does not necessarily need to ‘believe’ in a ‘God’ to participate in any part of the Church.

-The Church has no secrets rites or oaths. The Church has no necessary rite of initiation. If one is alive in this time they are already considered a ‘member’.

-The Aquarian does not believe in some “Fall of Man” or Original Sin, Therefore no need for Baptism is held in belief. A ceremonial cleansing can be spiritually beneficial to some perhaps.

-All Souls Aquarian Church brings together many practices and beliefs and celebrates the beauty in them all. Where there is a tenant of a faith that does not fit into the all inclusiveness of the Aquarian it is dealt with by healing it. All Souls is an instrument of healing.