Liam T. Jarrett MT, through his work as an astrologer, a tarot reader, and as a teacher of esotericism hopes to guide others on their soul’s journey through life. He offers spiritual guidance using the sacred tools of astrology, tarot, numerology and intuition. 

      Liam Jarrett holds a Master’s degree in Theology and a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies. He received priestly training through the religious order of the Society of Mary. Liam has served as a Director of Religious Studies for The Catholic Church in charge of Initiation, Education, Liturgy etc.

     Through Liam’s ongoing independent research he has discovered veiled esoteric teachings of  western religion and hopes to share this moving us forward to inclusivity and a greater conscious awareness.

     Through his experience in ministry, spiritual guidance and education he hopes to be able to provide you with a service that will more than satisfy your expectations.

    Booking a Reading from Liam can be done by clicking on the tabs below or in the menu above. You will receive an email requesting your birth date, exact time and location.

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