The Aquarian functions as a religion, a church, temple, synagogue, mosque, ashram, etc. It is all of them and none of them. It is new.

The Aquarian uses Syncretism in its approach to religious and philosophical methodologies. We seek to incorporate all the beautiful traditions of today and the past. The Aquarian revives the Ancestral Gods and Goddesses. The Aquarian strives to be non-dogmatic.

 The Aquarian does not believe in the Judeo-Christian Abrahamic god Yahweh or El as more special than any of the other gods of history and today. The Aquarian is against violence, immorality, genocide, etc. The gods are reimagined in a way that is acceptable to today’s conscious.

 The Aquarian recognizes all the Gods of other religions yet promotes no god who promotes violence. If a god seemingly does we see if we can reimagine it and in incorporate it.

 All Souls Aquarian Church incorporates Astro-theology (Astrology), Yoga, healing techniques, meditation and Alchemy into a Mass service. What will your Aquarian look like?

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Aquarian is to gather those in community who feel neglected, abandoned or isolated and to nourish spiritually and educate so that a greater  consciousness of humanity might unfold.

The Aquarian was started by Liam T. Jarrett. He received a Master’s in Theology and a B.A. in Religious Studies. He trained for the Catholic Priesthood for a year and has acted as the Director of Faith Formation for the Catholic Church for four years. 

Since then he has discovered hidden elements and agendas within the Abrahamic faiths. This has lead him to break with the tradition and start anew for a new time.