Featured: All Souls Aquarian Church

The Aquarian: Spiritual Organization for the Modern World

The Aquarian:

-Promotes Peace and Harmony in the World and does so through the Vessel of “Religion”, Faiths, Groups, etc.

-Encourages Religions, Faiths, Belief Systems etc., to Adopt Equality and Non-Violence in Worldviews and Theologies

-Seeks Genuine, Honest and Productive Inter-faith and Inter-culture Dialogue

-Radically Inclusive

The Aquarian: A Conscious Collective

The Aquarian is a Project to bring people, groups and different organizations with different faiths or non-faiths together into constructive dialogue, action and community.

The Aquarian highlights the Spiritual, Mystical, Esoteric aspects of Religions and Faiths. Through a focus on the non-literal interpretations of religious narratives The Aquarian sees a more Peaceful World Manifesting.

The Aquarian shares those who teach and lead in Projects that speak of the nature of what The Aquarian promotes.

Through projects and events The Aquarian seeks to bring religious, cultural, theological, ideological differences together on a human level. The Belief is that when people of different cultures and/or worldviews come together they will take towards a peaceful worldview, faith, theology, ideology as the humanity of the other is more experienced and realized.

The Aquarian Hosts Services, Events and Projects that showcase the beauty of many different spiritualities, faiths and/or belief or non belief systems.

For those who are Spiritual but not Religious The Aquarian gives community and togetherness in a time that sees increased isolation.

For those that the old religions do not speak to your sense of morale or conscious The Aquarian is here in service to.

To those who have come to the understanding of the symbolic, allegorical nature of religious myth yet still have a desire to express spirituality in community…The Aquarian is here.