The Aquarian

conscious community

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Learning the Esoteric, Hidden, Meanings of Religion


Thanks to the technological revolution of information sharing we have been able to learn the hidden mysteries of many religious literal teachings, astrology and yoga being among them. After coming to this information we seek to share it with others. The ‘belief’ is that when more are aware of the non-literal or historical parts of their religions we can move forward towards less violence, supremacy and hatred in religion.

A Critical and Historical Approach to Religion

Thanks to modern scholarship and largely to advancement in technology we get a clearer picture of history. We promote taking a historically critical approach to religion and culture. In looking at religious texts it is important, we think, to see it in its historical and social context.

Healthy Communal Gathering

The Aquarian facilitates conscious ‘spiritual’ humanitarian “get togethers”. Each Aquarian meeting will most likely have different structures and elements depending on the participants and their cultures. 

The Aquarian is open and inviting to all culture’s religious backgrounds. In its unique approach to seeing religious stories as myth and allegorical it allows for such radical inclusivity.

All Inclusive. Educational. Inspiring. Self Individuation. Healing. Nourishing. Unique. Forward. Purposeful. Present. Safe Places. Sacred Places. Intentional. Communal. Creative. Collective. Cooperative. Engaged.