The Aquarian

The Aquarian is a Spiritual Collective created by Liam T. Jarrett.  He possesses a Master’s in Theology, Bachelor’s in Religious Studies, Priestly Formation, Church and School Directorship.

Surely we can imagine a spiritual movement and community that does not believe or promote any racial or religious supremacy. We seek to learn from all of our religious and culturl traditions through out the world and time. We claim that no one has a monopoly on spirituality and closeness wit the divine. We seek to realize our own divinity to the best of our ability this life time. We look not to a world to come in an after life but to the right here and now. We promote doing good for goodness sake, for our own good and for the good of humanity at large. Any teachings that are found in other religious traditions that do not respect all life equally are to have that ideology pointed out and cast out. Therefore, the attributes of the god of the bible that calls for infantacide and all types of immorality is cleansed byh taking a criticial historical approach to the story, appreciating it as literature of a genre and propoganda for one party. We also look for any wisdom there may be imparted from stories in a metaphorical and allegorical way.


Aquarianism shows the metaphysical secret allegories within Western Religion and reforms the Church now knowing the metaphors of the teachings.


Jesus was not a historical person. The story is a hero’s mythical journey around the zodiac not unique in it’s existence. There was also a social political context where this story came out of. We use a historically critical method in relationship to religious myth. In doing this we come to the realization that Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Jacob etc are all mythological, non-historical characters. Historians operating in the area and time of the gospels make no mention of any Jesus character.


Now that we have broken out of the Abrahamic psychological make up, now what? The Aquarian is one’s and hopefully more’s answer to the “What next?